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Antique Furniture Restoration for Jacksonville, FL

 We are a world class antique furniture restoration and furniture repair shop in Jacksonville, FL. Servicing the Jacksonville area for over 40 years we believe that the "Thorough knowledge of furniture restoration & care, and our commitment to quality craftsmanship" is why customers trust us to restore their furnishings and antiques.


Whether you are looking to restore your antique armoire, or a chair that has seen a lot of wear and tear, the professionals at Bowden Furniture Care Services are trained to handle all types of delicate pieces with the utmost care. Furniture restoration is a great way to preserve or update pieces that have sentimental value, monetary value or are just recyclable!


Our services include total furniture restorations for antiques, furniture repairs, and refinishing work. We work to return any antique or piece of furniture to great, usable condition once again.


Call today for a FREE phone estimate regarding your restoration project, or insurance claim.

Our Services

Refinishing & Repair

Broken furniture can be a real headache. If you have items that you’d love to hang on to but that need a little TLC, Bowden Furniture Care Services is here to help.


We handle refinishing as well as furniture repairs for our customers. Bring any chair, cabinet, table or antique piece that you would like restored into our shop today!


The life of a piece of upholstered furniture begins with its frame: We only use top quality materials and our warranty lasts for 1 year after service. New upholstery allows you to breathe new life into worn down or lackluster pieces of furniture.


For upholstery services in Jacksonville, FL,

contact Bowden Furniture Care Services.

Insurance Claims

Bowden Furniture Care Services works with various insurance companies to aid people in their recovery from a fire, water or any related damages to the contents of their homes.


Contact Bowden Furniture Care Services Care of Jacksonville, FL, for all of your furniture needs! We’ll have any piece of yours looking great in no time!


"It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. You said that the furniture talks to you, so if my dining room table could talk it would say thank  you for making me look so good again"

Emelda S



"Thank you for your beautiful workmanship, repairing our split and broken armoire door. It was damaged with our recent move to the Jacksonville area. We could not be more pleased with the result"

Deb & Mike G

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